7 Day Flush

What is it?

CKLS and Olive Oil

It's more than taking a CKLS and Drinking 16oz of Cold Press Olive oil on an empty stomach.


My name is Angelca 

The 7 day Flush Cleanse help me clean my colon out, i was so inpacted that i would sit on the toliet for 30 minutes or more and maybe i would have a bowel movement. 

one day i was at my store working and a customer walk into my store.  He ask  me if i sold CKLS and if i heard of the 7 Day Flush... I said no!  whats that:  he told me you takes 5 CKLS on an empty stomach and wait for 30 minutes and drink 16oz of cold press olive oil...

I said that will kill me...He was not a Medical Doctor or had any Medical Degree.. This was the earlt 90's, and i was open minded.. so i continue to listen to him.... I told him i needed more information:  He said we have meetings in Comton California on Tuesday's and Thursdays...I said ok:  in my mind I said no way am I going to Compton California for no meeting...  

He gave me the phone number and i called them on the phone...they sent me some information...I did my own Research:  after a month or soo later, i call and order the products CKLS ..OLIVE OIL ...Instructions how to do: the 7 Day Flush... the instructions said do it in the morning ..

soo i waited for the next day...instructions said make sure you have access to a restroom.. i knew than i need to be home until it was over...the instructions said I need to be home for a lease 6 to 10 hours..or after the bowel movements stop..or i may have an accident out side of the home if i didn't have access to a restroom....

 i begin to do the 7 Day Flush:  I took my 5 CKLS: Waited 30 minutes: started to drink 16oz of olive oil ...the instructions said suck on a lemon if i feel the olive oil is going to come up...

It took me about an one hour or more drinking to drink the olive oil:  

The instructions Said: DON'T LAY DOWN: !!!  After injesting the Olive Oil... 

 My stomach was so full of the Olive Oil  i just when over to my chair at my desk and turn on my computer...

the instructions also said you could not Eat Any Thing After injesting the Olive Oil:  because it may come up...

The only think you could have is a Lemon to suck on if you felt like the olive oil as comming up...or...Apple Juice ...the one that is cloudy from the health food store..( without added sugar)...

After a few hours i had a lot of bowel  movements...and the stuff that came of was the worst stuff i had ever seen...i was sick and seeply at te same time...

I felt like i had died :   A couple of hours later maybe 6 hours total:

I felt like I was RE:BORN:  My thinking was clear: my mucus was Gone...my stomach was flatter..my energy level was up...all I wanted to Eat was Fruits and Vegetables...I didn't want to eat just any thing: i

I started my Vegetarian Diet :  From that day : of the 7 Day Flush

I had a New Body:  

This is my Experience:

Before doing the 7 Day Flush:  Counsult: Your Medical Advisor: or Doctor:

This is for information only : 







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